WE PROVIDE a turn-key solution for your dream home needs! From start to finish we are equipped to design, plan, construct and close a home and do it with great care for the client and the environment. We specialize in solid home construction that consists of masonry products such as clay blocks and flooring systems that have been used throughout the world for decades. These homes provide a secure and durable environment where a family can feel safe and secure! Our homes are fire, flood and earthquake proof with the ability to withstand hurricane-force winds.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE lies in the construction. Walls are constructed using clay blocks that are superior to concrete blocks or clay bricks. They are engineered to provide superior strength and still offer an insulating property unlike any other masonry product in the North American market. Floors consist of composite reinforced beams and clay panels topped with reinforced concrete. These materials are designed in Austria and used all throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. Finishing options are endless just like any other home! Another great advantage is the lack of wood or drywall materials inside the living quarters. Wood and drywall are susceptible to water damage and therefore mold growth. When masonry construction is exposed to water or water vapour it does not change or react to the increased moisture levels. Mold is extremely dangerous for humans and animals and is known to cause serious health issues from allergies, ashtma to deadly cancers!

MASONRY HOME CONSTRUCTION provides many advantages:
- Fire and flood proof construction
- Virtually maintenance free
- Highest energy efficiency
- No dangerous off-gassing or volatile organic compounds (VOC)
- Rock solid construction
- Highly resistant to moisture (therefore mold-free)
- Durable and secure for centuries to come

WE ARE PROUD to build masonry homes which have a proven track record of reliability and efficiency as they have been serving families and businesses for centuries all around the world. Make a solid investment in a solid home. A solid masonry home by EnduraHome!

TAKE A TOUR through our eco-friendly model home! It is located in Kitchener just a few minutes off highway 401. Give us a call or e-mail for more information.

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